S2 Interdisciplinary Project – Commonwealth Games

S2 pupils will shortly undertake a new interdisciplinary learning project which is centred on the theme of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. It will run from Wednesday 29th May to Friday 7th June. All departments across the school will be involved, teaching pupils a wide range of knowledge and skills.

If you would like more information about interdisciplinary learning, a link is available in the Parent Information section of the school website, or click here.

Standard Grade Exams

All of the Standard Grade English exams are on:

Monday 29th April.

The timings for the different exams are as follows:

Writing (all levels) – 9.00 – 10.15

Foundation Reading – 10.35 – 11.25

General Reading – 1.00 – 1.50

Credit Reading – 2.30 – 3.20

Happy revising! Miss Muetzelfeldt will be running General/Foundation revision sessions in B25 on the following dates:

Wednesday 17th April at 12.40

Wednesday 24th April also at 12.40

Snacks will be provided and please feel free to bring your own lunch.